First Aid for scrapes or cuts!!!

When  child scrapes or cuts herself, the bleeding will stop quickly. Although the amount of bleeding may seem like a lot, most minor wounds do not result in major blood loss or complications. However, if the bleeding does not stop, you will have to act quickly to prevent too much blood loss.



When treating any type of wound, minor or severe, have your child rest. Encourage her to sit or lie down.


Be sure to raise the wounded area above her heart. This will reduce the amount of blood flowing to the wound. If the wound is dirty, you can rinse it gently with clean, cool, or warm tap water. Do not use hot water. You can also use bottled water or a saline wound spray to clean the wound. Do not use a iodine, mercurochrome, hydrogen peroxide, or other similar agents to clean the wound. These solutions will cause pain and/or irritation.

Direct pressure

Take sterile gauze or a clean cloth and press firmly on the wound to stop the bleeding. When the bleeding has slowed or stopped, secure the dressing with tape or a safety pin.

If your child is showing any sign of shock, call 9-1-1 right away.

Embedded Object

If an object is embedded, or stuck in your child’s body, do not take it out. Pulling it out could cause the bleeding to worsen. Instead, protect and cover the area with sterile gauze. Make sure to not push the object deeper into the wound. Be sure to clean your hands, or wear disposable gloves, to reduce the risk of infection. Wrap bandage rolls over the wound. Secure the bandage rolls above and below the wound. Seek medical attention right away to have the object removed and the wound cared for.


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